Friday, December 25, 2009

¨The True Furqan¨ exposed

Some persons, who may be individuals or agencies, have created a book titled THE TRUE FURQAN.  It purports to be an authentic copy of the HOLY QURAN, which is a book respected by Muslims the world over as a text revealed by God himself to Prophet Mohammad, may peace be upon him. The TRUE FURQAN is a book which distorts the teachings of the HOLY QURAN and is the handiwork of elements who are inimical to Islam.

Christian Missionaries use it to deceive poor, uneducated Muslims and to appeal to them which is why they have made the book look like the Quran. The book is a way for christian missionaries to make uneducated muslims believe that the trinity is in the Quran to mislead muslims and people who are interested in learning about islam. Please click on the following link to read more about thi. I have also added a link to read more about the author who was exposed and went to jail.

If christianity is the true religion, why the need to create fake books to convert non christians to your religion?

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