Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No more tomorrows, only Today!!!

A few months back i blogged about the Master Cleanse and all of its benefits (detox & weight loss). I have finally found the time to detox for the 10 day minimum and begin a new healthy lifestyle.

Here's a quote about the Master Cleanse: "The Master Cleanser Diet, or as popularly known; The Lemonade Diet was created by the late Naturopath Stanley Burroughs. The Diet consists of fasting to rid the body of toxins, created by improper diet, lack of exercise and negative mental attitudes. The purpose of the Lemonade Diet is to dissolve and eliminate toxins and congestion; to cleanse the kidneys and digestive system; to purify glands; to eliminate waste and hardened materials in the joints and muscles; to build a healthy bloodstream; to maintain optimal blood pressure; and to what you all are waiting to hear... to lose weight. As a reducing diet it is superior in every way, reducing fat at a rate of about two (2) pounds a day for most persons, without harmful side effects."

This past month i have been doing a lot of reading about "Raw Food" lifestyle and i feel the easiest way to transition into that lifestyle is after a detox/cleanse. I have found some amazing raw food recipes and i was even lucky enough to find a raw food deli near my house. I tasted their "cheese cake" the crust is made out of nuts and the "cheese" is also made out of a combination of nuts and herbs soaked and dehydrated, the end result: AMAZING! it tasted better than cheesecake!!! I also tried their "apple pie" which is made out of all raw roods (nothing is cooked so that you preserve the enzymes and nutrients). For anyone living in Michigan, try out Red Pepper Deli, you will love it!

I must say eating raw (im going to do 70-80% raw) makes you feel energized and healthy. The health benefits are also amazing (brighter eyes, clean skin free from acne, lower cholesterol, increased metabolism and the list goes on). I have attempted to try the master cleanse a few times in the past few months and each time i only made it through day one! This time, i motivated myself to stick with it for 10 days. 10 days is nothing, and afterward i know i will feel amazing and soak up the benefits.

Day 1 of cleanse- I was surprised that i didnt feel hungry. I stuck to the instructions and had a glass of the lemon/maple syrup/cayenne pepper concoction and drank it every hour (about 10 glasses). You get all your calories from the maple syrup so you are not starving yourself. I felt energized and did a 40 minute workout video and power walked for 40 minutes

Day 2 (today)- more of a struggle, I love the food network channel and watched a few of the programs and almost ran into the kitchen to eat some food!!! I then realized that if i want to make it through the 10 days i need to stay away from the kitchen and the food network (you dont eat any food for 10 days, just the drink), some people try a juice or vegetable fast. Right now i am daydreaming about pizza and mozzarella cheese sticks... What i wouldnt give for a few bites, yummm!!!
I've lost 3 pounds (its expected to lose about 10 pounds during the cleanse, most of it is "waste products" from your colon that have been sitting there for years!!!), you also lose a little bit of water and fat....

I would recommend everyone doing a fast at least once a year. If you think about all the garbage that we put in our stomachs and how it just sits in our colon and clogs it leading to numerous health problems, you too would realize that everyone can benefit from a cleanse!!!

Today is almost over and then it's onto day 3...... im already thinking about after the cleanse and the healthy food i will eat. I just became a big fan of avodaos (i make a guacamole out of it with some onion, lime, cilantro and tomato and spread it on bread made from bean sprouts and lentils)... Yes, this bread is made out of bean sprouts and lentils which means it wasnt processed and is healthy for you and your body digests it better and it even taste better than regular bread!!! the name of the bread is Ezekiel Bread - Sprouted Grain Bread (google it, there are all types of this bread)
I will keep everyone updated on the rest of my cleanse, inshaAllah i wont give up!

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