Wednesday, April 15, 2009

pics of amazing foods from raw food recipes

Here are some appetizing foods made from all raw ingredients. Nothing has been cooked. To get textures that are similar to breads and pie crusts, you use a dehydrator (use flax seed oil to make crackers and breads as well)... Eating raw doesnt have to be boring, just look at all these creative ways chefs have made food out of raw ingredients. And believe me, they taste even better than the real thing (raw pizza vs pizza, pasta vs vegetable pasta made from shredded zucchini and nuts that have been soaked and dehydrated that have similar texture to cheese and taste the same!)
Heres some information about bean sprouts that you might not already know...
Sprouts probably contain the largest amount of nutrients per unit of any food known. Enzymes that initiate and control most chemical reactions in our body are activated in the sprouting process. This helps convert proteins into amino acids, starch into glucose and increases the value of vitamins. For example, vitamin B increases by 1,000 per cent and Vitamin C by 600 per cent in sprouted wheat.A study of Chinese pharmacopoeia reveals that the Chinese could lose weight, cure rheumatism, lower fever and tone the body through the regular consumption of sprouts. Sprouts were introduced to the West by Captain Cook.
Despite many strenuous voyages spanning a decade, his crew was remarkably fit. Their secret-sprouted beans.It is best to eat sprouts fresh. However, the nourishment which develops as the sprouts grow is very stable and can be frozen or dried for future use. Sprouts can be mixed with other foods and dressings such as lemon juice and rock salt. This live food rejuvenates body cells and tissues and provides energy. It also retards the aging process. Sprouted potato and tomato seeds, however, should be avoided as they are poisonous. Alfalfa and moong-bean sprouts are, on the other hand, excellent soft food: they contain every known vitamin necessary for the human body in perfect balance. And yes, they don't taste bad either.

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