Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Song lyrics contribute to violence against women part 1

Your at the bus stop and a few women next to you have their ipods on and are listening to some music.... They begin to sing along with the lyrics

If you don’t mind girl put your legs over my shoulders
Don’t lie, I can see it in your eyes
You want for you and I to do the freaky things you like
When I put-put-put it on girl, when I put-put-put it on ya
When I put-put-put it on girl, when I put-put-put it on ya

[Verse 1]
Let’s ride around the city, make love in the car
Let’s get on express way, let me tease you ma
And while you drive baby, I wanna taste your tongue
Pull in to rest here, and let me give you some
You ever been driving while your man made you cum
I wanna hit a stay, I wanna hit and run
Let’s pull the car over, and have a little fun
The AC working, so we ain’t gotta bun

Can I lick it, can I stick it, can I touch it, can I grab it
Baby tell me can I have it
Can I rub it, can I flip it, can I hold it, can I get it
Anyway I wanna get it

Shocked, you cant understand why they are dancing in their seats and singing along to the music...The lyrics are degrading and dehumanize women as nothing more than sex objects...

The hip-hop culture in the United States can be traced back to the streets of New York City in 1970. At first, people would read off poetry to different beats of percussion. Over the next few years this form of poetry progressed to have a more musical beat provided by a DJ. Soon, this form of music was commonly known as rap, and in 1979 it began to enter the American mainstream of music. Now, it is a popular genre of music that tops the charts and is being performed in many different styles around the world. Even though rap is extremely well known, it has developed a reputation as being explicit, violent, and disrespectful. Since the beginning of rap music, artists have used derogatory lyrics about women. Today, these degrading lyrics have become more brutal, and more common to hear.

For example,
The nation's No. 2 Rap hit, "I'm a Flirt," by R. Kelly and Bow Wow, is No. 15 on the pop chart and talks about "pimpn" and "ho's" - shorthand for whore. The song has been downloaded as a ringtone 433,000 times:

"Ima b pimpin

I dont be slippin

When it come down to these hos

I dont love em."

Here is another example of a song the shows how rappers see women as nothing but a tool to use and abuse....

here is a song from lil wayne

got stopped by a lady cop
ha ha... she got me thinking i can date a cop
ha ha... cause her uniform pants are so tight
she read me my rights
she put me in a car, she cut off all the lights
she said i had the right to remain silent
now i got her hollering sounding like a siren
talkin' bout...
wee ooh wee ooh wee (yea),
wee ooh wee ooh wee (yea),
wee ooh wee ooh wee (yea),
and i know she the law, and she know i'm the boss
and she know i can hide a-bove the law
and she know i'm raw, she know it from the street
and all she want me to do is f**k the police
talkin' bout...
wee ooh wee ooh wee,


Jamaican Hijabi said...

Astagfirullah, we have the same problem here in Jamaica with 'Dancehall Music', there was great uproar a couple weeks ago about banning certain lyrics from the radio and television, even though the words are 'bleeped' out, people can still know what its saying. It ended up with the Broadcasting Commission banning these songs from airplay. The particular song that sparked the debate is 'Romping Shop'. Here is an excerpt of letters to the editor of our national newspaper

I wont put the lyrics from the song, because it is totally disgusting, I'm glad the Broadcasting Commission is finally doing something that needed to be done YEARS ago. Its really sad people listen to these things, kids and teenagers sing along and then they think its normal to do the stuff in these songs, see women as sex objects, and see men as having only one purpose, chastity is unheard of and virginity ridiculed, so sad.

Desert-Veil said...

I don't mean to laugh but one of those songs was actually being sung by a guy on the metro a few days ago...he was so off key! ewww!

It's just sad that people like this feel just because it's got a beat or that it sounds like they are REAL MEN when they rap, bump their head or hard core to it that it's ok. But they are like you said being influenced by this music.

No wonder so many people here in NYC have issues...It's the music....Seriously!

P.S. BTW sis! HOW ARE YOU :o) If you get a chance call me tonight or I'll try and call you, I'm heading to Boston on Sunday for a inter-religious conference, we're supposed to be listening to how we can build Jewish and Islamic relations. I should be good Insha'Allah, Mr Desert is Excited and I'm staying in my first Hostel. I think I'm going to analyze everyone there just to make sure that I'm not sleeping with psycho's! Anyways, Insha'Allah we will dish and catch up soon take care! :o)

Sacrifice4Allah said...

I was on the bus today and music was being played on mobile/cellphones. The lyrics were just stupid and offensive. It is sad when young boys listen to offensive and crude lyrics, absorb the message and treat women in the most appalling manner. Sometimes young girls are the ones listening to the songs and singing/rapping along to them even when it is indirectly cussing them i.e all women are h***s just worth one night. 'AudhuBillah!

Quick It Girl. said...

Now I understand why music is forbidden in Islam! Thanks this article really knocked in th reality of things for me. Never shall I be a slave of music.! the irony is WOMEN actually enjoy listening to music that's insulting no one but them!!! Save the Ummah, oh Allah!

Mina said...

Ewwww Istafurlah...what the hell, the sad thing is some women feel this is alright:(

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

bwahhaha. Ironically enough i just wrote about a similar incident do you happen to know what artist that is above?

I wish people would LISTEN to the lyrics BEFORE they repeat them.

Thirst For Knowledge said...

salam alaikum,

Ths first song is by r kelly and bow wow, and the second one is by little wayne, all of whom rap about women being "hoes" "sluts" etc....
Whats even sadder is the women that sell themselves to be in their videos. Rap vidoes show nothing but half naked women, shaking their butts, while men sing about them being degrading!!!!