Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Want big muscles and a great body? Go to prison!!!

Western society criticizes Islamic law in which a person is held accountable for the crime they commit. Stealing, fornicating, adultery, murder, there is a penalty for each crime you committed. Although it is easy for a western country to see it as inhumane to stone an adulterer or cut off the hand of a thief, it in fact teaches the society that we are held accountable for our choices. In the west, if you steal and are caught, depending on your status in society you will either serve time or pay a fine and walk away free of charge. In Islam, regardless of your status, rich or poor, if you commit a crime you are held accountable. In the west, pre-marital sex and marital affairs are common and out in the open. These acts encourage other members of society that it is ok to engage in such acts and that there are no consequences for your actions. We now have a high rate of teen pregnancy, theft, marital affairs, alcohol and drug use, etc. Locking a person up is not the key. In the US, prisons are over crowded and "we" the tax payers are the one paying for the inmates stay in prison. We pay for their food, health care, access to t.v. and Internet, etc. Heterosexual men are now raping other men to satisfy their sexual needs and desires. Prisoners that were caught stealing and had no history of violence enter into a new world when they go to prison. To survive you must join one of the gangs in prison (depending on your ethnicity) and this gang will protect you from being stabbed, raped, etc. Without the gangs help you are left on your own to fend off predators. In Islam, if you kill someone its "eye for an eye" the family can either accept blood money (to compensate) or take your life. If you are caught cheating on your spouse your sentence is death by stoning. This teaches society the severity of these crimes. Unfortunately a lot of Islamic countries are giving in to the Western mentality and give privilege to status as well as turning a blind cheek to crimes they see being committed openly. In US prisons, inmates have nothing but time on their hands... They spend their days doing push-ups, situps, anything to build strength and muscle. When they leave prison they are filled with anger and huge muscles....
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Asiya said...

Good point.

I mean how is slapping a rapist in prison for 6 months going to deter them? You get six months of television, food, and little work...yeah, great deterent.

Almallena said...

Asalaam walikum, omgg this is such a good post sis mashAllah. Its soo true and horrible. I mean we've all sinned, but the majority of these sins that we do commit is due to it being allowed to go without consequences by the ruler of the town, country, state, whatever. We'll all have to answer to Allah for our sins, but the punishment should also be enforced here. And some of us dont know the punishments for such crimes because none of them are carried out and people do it all the time. so horrible may Allah guide us and have mercy on us!

Anonymous said...

The problem with ALL prisons is that while studies show those that do not offer rehabilitation programs for GEDs, etc. churn out more repeat offenders, there has been little change.
As for the comforts of prison, I would argue that while the prisons in the US may be more comfortable, it's uncomfortable compared to society's standards here. For example, you mention TV--that TV is generally shared by a whole BLOCK of inmates, which is at min. about 35 inmates. It's not cable. It had time restrictions. The food is notoriously horrible, so I mean c'mon.... they may have canteens to purchase food at, but the food there is twice the price of what is on the outside.
Maybe they can afford it with their "little work" right? Well I wouldn't call operating a push lawn mower... that is a MANUAL lawn mower... for 1 cent a day a little work. Especially in places with blistering heat and humidity such as FL. So say at the end of the month you have your 30 cents. You can only spend it on, oh, M&Ms.
On top of that you have to may for long johns, or long underwear, so even if it gets cold you won't be provided for besides your normal uniform. With your 30 cents, that's a lot of saving if you don't have someone sending you money on the outside.
By the way, just wanted to let you know that the ones that exercise, I can't really blame, because maybe it keeps them from being involved in gangs or doing something worse. And it certainly helps their health when they're feed notoriously bad foods. As for FL though, you'd be happy to hear they have removed all exercise equipment from many of their prisions.
I'm Muslim and therefore not saying Islamic countries are evil. I understand your point is that Islam has a better take on combating crime in the first place, but you seem to ignore that Western countries DO permit executions and other forms of punishment other than mere imprisionment. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, which is why the Prophet PBUH and even in the Quran people are told that in forgiving a crime you receive the best reward.