Thursday, January 29, 2009

Educating ourselves on Domestic Violence!!!

"I tripped, and fell into the wall...",
"He was drinking, he didnt mean to hit me..."

"He said he loves..."

I want everyone to take 10 seconds and look at this picture... This is NOT love!!!!
I repeat, this is NOT love..... He is NOT sorry..... He will NOT change.... it is NOT your fault...... it was NOT the alcohol that made him do it.....
A man abuses because he chooses to.... Domestic Violence is about Power and Control.... Have you ever asked yourself how when he claims he is "out of control" he only breaks your stuff, but not his?
At the end of this blog i will leave contact information for anyone who would like to learn more about domestic violence and hotlines to call.

I would like to start off by listing signs to look for in a Battering Personality...
1. Jealousy
2. Controlling Behavior
3. Unrealistic expectations--abusive people will expect their partner to meet all their needs he/she expects the woman to be the perfect wife, mother, lover, friend. He/she will say things like "if you love me", "Im all you need..."
4. Isolation
5. Blames others for problems
6. Blames others for feelings-He will tell the woman "you make me mad"
7. Cruelty to animals
8. Verbal abuse
9. threats of violence

**** Remember, even if he doesnt abuse you physically you can still be verbally/emotionally abused!!! I am copying some links to pages on emotional abuse and symptoms... It's time to stop Domestic violence!!!!

If you or anyone you know is in a abusive relationship please seek help!!! Homocide is on the rise and men are getting away with murder because women are afraid to leave.
Here is a national hotline to call for any state in the US
Here are some links to websites on Domestic violence

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