Friday, January 30, 2009

Palestine-Israel Conflict

I found out a few days ago that my university is having Dr. Ilan Troen (a zionist) come and give a speech on the israel-palestine conflict. This of course upset me for many reasons... 1. He's a zionist 2. A lot of non-muslims will be attending and only hear one side of the story 3. Why wasnt a muslim speaker invited to speak? or more importantly why arent more muslim professors going to universities to give lectures on the truth behind palestine and israel?
I did some research on Dr. Ilan Troen and one book of his which should be of concern to us is a book about the history of zionism. In this book he makes jewish zionists look like peaceful settlers. This book is 300+ pages!!!!
I sent out an email to the community to see if anyone would be interested in handing out fliers about palestine before or after the lecture so that students can hear another side of the story and shockingly no one responded!!!!
I will personally be there to challenge the speaker if he gives any false or misleading information about the history of palestine. As Muslims it is our duty to help our brothers and sisters in islam. Our brothers and sisters are being slaughtered in palestine because of Jewish Zionists. This in no way means all jews are bad. A lot of jews disagree with the jewish zionists in Israel who are not following the Torah, and have protested against them as well. I will be copying a link of a Jewish rabbi who describes what the zionists are doing is wrong and actually admits what they are doing to the palestinians. Muslims need to wake up, we have been alseep for too long. If palestines neighboring countries Jordan, Egypt and other islamic countries got together and fought with the palestinians the zionists would be removed and taken out of power. Slowly our ummah is starting to come together but we need to speed up the process!!! To understand why so-called muslim rulers are turning their backs to the palestinians and blaming hamas one really needs to study free masonary and the ties they have to the US. There are a lot of links on free masonry, and New World Order. I would advise everyone to do some research on these topics and remove the veiw from your eyes and see the truth!

I am copying some links to some great sites that discuss the history of palestine as well as some video clips (one is a documentary that took decades to create and has english subtitles).
Here is Al-Nakba documentary about palestine and israel, a must watch!!!!

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