Friday, January 30, 2009

Hot, hot, hot!!!

A few weeks ago i stumbled upon cayenne pepper while at the health store. I had seen it mentioned often in cookbooks, but had never used it. I enjoy spicy, hot dishes so i decided to pick some up. Later that night i decided to try out my new spice on some sauteed veggies. Right after i poured the spice into my dish my eyes began to itch. Without thinking i rubbed my eye with the same hand that had cayenne pepper on it. It took a few seconds before i felt a stinging sensation in my eye. I ran to the bathroom to wash my hands and rid myself of the cayenne that was left on my finger tips. I then begain to splash handful after handful of water into my eye. Panicking that i may have caused some eye damage i went to the internet to find out what to do when you get cayenne pepper in your eye. It was then that i came across pages on the miracles of cayenne pepper. After the burning went away i returned to the computer to read up on benefits of cayenne pepper. It was then that i realized that this spice is one of the miracle spices! It does everything from heal wounds, lower blood pressure, speed up the metabolism, eliminate colds, etc. Mixing 1/8 of a tsp of cayenne twice a day in 8 oz of orange juice will speed up your metabolism and give you instant energy. I was skeptical at first and a bit nervous to add that much spice to my orange juice but i tried it anyway. Another tip is add a pinch of salt under your tongue and it will get rid of the heat! After i finished my juice i felt very energized!!! Here are some links to find out more information about cayenne pepper. A few days ago i shared this information with my husband who is moroccan and he told me that in morocco everyone uses cayenne pepper, especially on wounds to heal them and prevent scaring. If you ever get a cut or are bleeding profusely, take cayenne pepper and sprinkle it over the cut and it will close the wound instantly. It is also given to heart attack patients to revive them.
check out these links, you wont be sorry!

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