Monday, February 16, 2009

A few of you have brought to my attention a point i should have made in my previous blog, communication! Thank you for those who pointed that out because i in no way want to encourage sisters/brothers to go around being suspicious of their spouse or snooping. As a great friend pointed out, communication is a MUST! My blog was more for those couples who lack communication and one spouse has tried everything in their power to establish communication but the other spouse is acting secretive and perhaps spending hours and hours on the computer late at night when everyone is sleeping....When the spouse goes to check on their spouse he/she quickly turns off the computer and refuses to say what they were doing... In extreme situations i think its important to find out what your spouse is up to. Since you both share the computer, both of you have access to "history" which shouldnt be a big deal to check. As for email accounts, for obvious reason each person is entitled to their privacy however if you have an open and honest relationship it shouldnt be a problem to exchange passwords....
The problem i am seeing is a lot of husbands are cheating on their wives either at work or through the Internet and most wives are oblivious to this..... This leads me to picking a good spouse.... Sisters, if you are not already married please do thorough research on your husband to be before you marry him. Sometimes a man is a wolf in sheeps clothing, and sadly a lot of our sisters are finding out too late that the guy they married who they thought was super religious is no sheep, but a wolf!!!!

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shaaheen said...

just a quick question:
As marriage is a hard task for anyone delving into the now increasingly complicated matter.
How would one check up on a potential spouse or find out his/her background without being....intruding or the like?
Maybe you could give us some general tips?