Friday, February 6, 2009

You want me to do what?!!!!!

Earlier i went out and bought "uniodized sea salt" for my salt water flush (internal enema). Iodized salt would just absorb into my blood stream therefore you have to use uniodized sea salt because when its mixed with water it is mixed to the same salinity as your blood which means it will not be absorbed into your blood stream and instead works as a laxative. I thought i would try it today (the day before my 10 day detoxifying cleanse to see how it tastes as well as how quickly it works) When i read that i need to drink 1 quart of water with two teaspoons of sea salt i almost gagged! Thats a lot of salt water!!!! As i type i am slowly drinking the concoction and i can feel it starting to work (thank god the bathroom is just down the hall). My parents obviously think i am crazy for wanting to detoxify my body. I find it amazing that people can be so close minded to alternative medicine and homeopathic practices that have been around since the beginning of time. The pharmaceutical company has only been around for the past century or so and yet we are so quick to judge alternative practices that have been used and worked well for thousands of years! There is a great book by Kevin Tradeau called "Natural Cures, they don't want you to know about" they, being the pharmaceutical companies, FDA, government, etc. I would highly recommend reading this book, it definitely opened my eyes.
I am about 2/3 done with the salt water flush and already i am struggling not to run to the bathroom. Earlier i went out and had a Large Oreo chocolate slush and pizza (i know i know, but i figured i would eat it today for the last time...) As soon as i finished with the slush and the pizza i could literally feel it sitting in my stomach and i started to feel sick (that's what happens when you stay away from processed food and chemicals and then all of a sudden let it back into your system).... My stomach started to feel very heavy and i started feeling sharp pains in my stomach and sick. I am hoping this salt flush will flush it out of my system. These next 10 days will allow me to get used to a new lifestyle as well as reflect on my past eating habits and how it has contributed to the toxic build up in my body.

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