Friday, February 6, 2009

Wish me luck

I just finished my laxative tea (to be drunk the night before the cleanse) and i am starting to fell a bit nauseous (i did the Salt Water Flush earlier in the day and i soon discovered it should only be done on an empty stomach, which is one reason its done in the morning when you first wake up), oops!!! Anyway, I'm excited to start my cleanse and inshaAllah it will be very beneficial.
When i wake up in the morning for fajr i will force myself to drink the Salt Water Flush aka SWF again.... The only problem is that when i eat or drink anything early in the morning i always feel sick, so this will be a challenge!!! There is an alternative option and that is drinking the laxative tea in the morning instead of the SWF, so we will see....

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