Saturday, February 21, 2009

"I'll call you right back...."

Have you ever been on the phone with a friend, spouse, co-worker, sibling, parent etc and you are having a good conversation, when their call waiting button flashes. They tell you they will call you right back, and 2 weeks later you hear back from them? Or how about when you and your friend, sibling, classmate, etc ends the conversation by saying, "I'll call you later" both you and your friend know they will not call you back later, so why say it? This phrase has become common when ending phone conversations, "ill call you later or ill call you right back",,, if the person knows they will not call you back that same day, why say it in the first place? Why not just tell them you enjoyed the conversation and will inshaAllah talk to them soon, but then again, if soon means 3 weeks, its better to say nothing.
Earlier i was reading a blog about "muslim/islamic" countries, and if they still exist. As a revert, my dream was to move to an islamic country and settle there to raise a family and be free of western influence.... The startling realization that there is no shariah left (the ones that follow the shariah pick and choose what laws and punishments to adhere to) and that those "muslims" countries i once looked at as being religious are the same if not worse then the country i already live in. My husband would like us to eventually move to Morocco, where his family lives and where he grew up, however my experience in morocco left me with little hope of the ummah in that country. Ciggs and lottery tickets are sold on corners, men and women mix freely (especially if you grew up with the family or if they are your cousins and aunts (non-mehrams). Shaking hands is common, women with their hijabs wrapped partially around their head with their necks and ears exposed with tight pants and shirts and heels, men spending their whole day at outdoor cafes watching women walk by and playing cards, indifferent to the athan going off...... Streets so crowed that you are forced to touch the opposite sex as they brush past you. As for Saudi Arabia, that is one of the most corrupt countries! I would suggest doing some research on Saudi Arabia and the US. All of the muslim countries are influenced by the west, and if you try to practice islam properly you are put in jail by the corrupt officers that they government employs. Such a sad world we live in. Another thing that bothers me is all the knowledge that is disappearing (sign of the day of judgment). Most religious leaders are cultural, and muslims who practice the sunnah of the prophet (p.b.u.h.) are called "extremists". For example, a lot of muslim families will call their daughters or sons "extreme" if they refuse to mix with their cousins (whom are not their mahrams) because to them, if you grow up with them they are part of your family, regardless if you can marry them, the same goes for sister and brother-in-laws. If you tell your muslim family you want to wear niqab, they usually look at you with horror and tell you that you will not be able to make dawah if you wear it and that you will be harassed and do their best to talk you out of it. If you do decide to put it on, they tell you that you are embarrassing the family (its always about them) and that you are an extremist!
If you go to a wedding and it is separated and at the end of the night the groom and his family are ushered into the women's room for all the women to gawk at and admire and you tell the sisters that its not appropriate for them to be watching the groom and that its haram for the groom to be in a huge room with all women, they look at you like your crazy, roll their eyes and tell you not to be so extreme.......
When you constantly are told that you are being "extreme" because you are following islam properly, and everyone you talk to tries to persuade you to follow their cultural practices that they follow blindly, its no wonder that some Muslims give in and start to question themselves....
I on the other hand know there are other sisters out there like me and its refreshing when i meet them and we talk and i can say "Yes, finally, someone who is following the sunnah!"


Melda :o) said...

Assalamu alaikum sister

Ugh, you're so right about can be very confusing at times. I am a born muslim, alhamdulillah but my family wasn't very religious so I didn't learn about Islam or anything. When Allah lifted the veil from my heart and called out to me to embrace Islam, people would tell me stories about what I was allowed or prohibited to do and since I was new to this I believed them..Imagine my surprise when, by the grace of Allah, I was led to an online university that teaches tawheed straight from Qur'an and Sunnah and I learned that what they'd been telling me was wrong! Astaghfirullah!!!

Isn't it enough that the kafir are calling us extremists? Do I really need to hear such nonsense from my sisters and brothers, too? Aren't we supposed to be one Ummah? One time I attended a meeting at the masjid and a sister read to us the signs of the last days....maybe it's just me but I get this feeling that a lot of those signs can be found nowadays! May Allah have mercy on us!

Asiya said...

Assalaamu alaikum!

Sister, you just made my day! its so good to hear that others feel the same way :)! My husband and I talk about this *all the time* and get depressed.

Your sister in Islam,


Thirst For Knowledge said...

Salaam Alaikum,

Thanks for the comments you guys! It is said that islam started off as strange and will return as something strange. Its always good to hear that we arent alone and that there are others out there who are struggling to follow the sunnah even if it goes against their families and friends who are muslim!

Sacrifice4Allah said...

So true! So true!

It is particularly discouraging when the so-called scholars of the Deen willingly sell the Deen for a paltry price. 'AudhuBillah!

Sacrifice4Allah said...

I despise it when people say "I'll call you back" yet do not. I usually say "I'll talk to you soon inshaAllah."