Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tight clothes & beards!

You are walking past a cafe when you notice a group of muslim men sitting at an outdoor table, drinking what looks to be tea. All the men have beards and are wearing islamic hats. From a distance they seem to be practicing. A few minutes later the group gets up to leave and you ,
notice that all of the men are wearing tight shirts, tucked into tight jeans with belts. As they leave their table, the waitress walks by to grab their tip and they smile and look her up and down as she walks away. Disgusted, you quickly walk past the group.
Ladies, how many times do you see these "practicing" bearded men lecturing their wives, children, mothers, sisters, etc about wearing abayah and proper hijab (niqab) yet they themselves are not dressed properly?
A lot of cultural, muslim men believe that a man just needs to grow a beard and cover from his waist to his knees, and thats it! Yes, a man does need to cover those areas, however wearing tight shorts that show the shape of your awrah is no different then a muslim woman wearing tight jeans with her hijab!

"The `awrah (private parts to be necessarily covered) for men includes what is between the navel and the knees as stated by the Prophet SAWS (peace be upon him), so covering it is obligatory according to Islamic law. Wearing shorts that disclose the thighs or show the shape of the buttocks, does not cover the `awrah. Neither does a dress that is transparent and displays skin complexion, nor a tight dress that shows the size, shape or bends of the `awrah. All of this is prohibited (haraam) in front of people whether the women are ashamed of looking at it or not"

Proper clothing for a muslim man is to wear a long shirt, that goes half way down his thigh, and loose pants. You can usually find these outfits at indian/pakistani stores. In our prophets time (p.b.u.h.) the men would wear a piece of cloth, wrapped around their waist, as shown in the picture above. Another thing that men wear is long pants, men are not allowed to wear pants past the ankles. Yes, i know it goes against all fashion critics, however we must remember who we are trying to please, allah or his creation?

The following link will give you more information on proper "hijab" for men.... please take a look.


Brownie said...

thanks alot for this, i always say that people should start crticizing themselves before they critizise others
every man should read this post

Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

Yeah a lot of men focus on women's hijab and forget they have their own hijab laws to adhere to!

Candice said...

I also see lots of Muslim men with tight pants, not concealing their "package" in any way. It is absolutely the equivalent of hijabis with tight cloths.
But I totally don't see how wearing pants past the ankles would be unislamic and displeasing to Allah. I'm just using my common sense here... What is the reason?