Friday, February 6, 2009

New Beginnings

Tomorrow I am starting the "Master Cleanse" I have spent the past week reading the book, reading forums and i feel excited to begin the process of detoxifying my body and improving my health. The next 10 days will be a challenge, to say the least. Everyone wants brighter eyes, clearer skin, softer hair, tighter body, more energy but when it comes to working hard and giving up our pleasures to obtain that goal we often fail...But why? If we want something badly enough we should be able to overcome any obsticle that is thrown at us. I have been trying to prepare myself psychologically for this cleanse (since i tend to eat when i am bored or upset). I will keep everyone updated on my journey for the next 10 days. I really feel that everyone should do this cleanse at least 1 time in their life time, especially with all the pollutants and chemicals we breathe in on a daily basis and all the processed and fried food that is a part of our diet. We could all benefit from a "Master Cleanse"....
Earlier today i went to the health store and bought 20 lemons (enough for 2-3 days) and the cashier smiled and asked if i was doing the "Master Cleanse" and proceeded to tell me that she had tried it and how by the end of the 10 days she felt amazing and a lot of problems she had had before the fast (sore throat, sinuses, asthma, etc) were now gone. I couldn't get over how expensive maple syrup is (grade B)!!!
I am not looking forward to the salt water flush.... The salt water flush is an internal enema that cleans out your internal system and does a very thorough job!

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