Saturday, February 14, 2009

Revert Muslim Association, CAUTION!!!

I stumbled upon a page for reverts, "Revert Muslim Association." At first i was excited that there is an association for reverts like myself. After 10 minutes of reading the forums and information on the site i realized that the page promotes shiaism, which as you know is not a part of islam. Any sect of islam who dishonors and bad mouths the first 4 caliphs as well as our prophets wife aisha is misguided. I have copied the following link to warn other reverts or people interested in islam to becareful of this site.

Some great sites for new muslims or people interested in islam are, www.discoverislam,,
for more information on shiaism and how their practices and beliefs go against the sunnah of our prophet and islam (they pray 3 times a day, opposed to the 5 times a day and even include imam ali into their prayers which is an innovation, i would highly recommend going to and under books reading up on the history of shiasm, its a good read.

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Sacrifice4Allah said...

I have seen this website and i was appalled!